Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's latest!

I’ve been one heck occupied with so many things lately. After had attended series of seminars like PALS (Personal Awareness Leadership Seminar), Dissolving Stress & Effective Business Writing & Public Speaking from PIDO, and Power Sales Seminar by Joey Reyes, The spirit just keep me going. Hayy! I never had the chance to go out party with friends except the last sauna bath I had with my Achi & Alex & Opppsss, I forgot box of pizza for the three of us…A real treat for myself. J

So far, I was moderately doing fine with my new position. I have conducted series of trainings already for incoming agents. I have discussed with the Sales team of Isuzu Mandaue and a lot more. I’ve professionally dealt with the brokers and agents. But there’s still so much to improve. I also feel flattered as I was recommended by one person to be part of their team. Not just an ordinary person in the Insurance industry but an existing AVP and former boss of one of the big Insurance Company here in Cebu. So inspiring since I only meet her once and thru emails and yet she vouched me for that said position. But I did not accept the offer not because I don’t want pressure (knowing the pressure being involved in a broker) but because Mapfre had offered me so much already to prove what else I can do. My heart still remains at Mapfre. So proud to hear that… Kahit no BF, Mapfre nalang muna till I’m feed up…hehehehehe

Anyways, just have a very successful Visita Del Presidente. We don’t have much luxury time to prepare and yet Cebu office made it. I hosted again the event @ CafĂ© Laguna. I was also happy being asked by Citibank head to host their events. (Isn’t that good news?)

By the way, These are just few of our pictures.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Summer Escapde the Mapfre way has always been very exciting. I love when it's summer because this is the perfect time to relax and have fun with the sun, sand and beach party. As far as my memory is concern, my first summer outing with the company is at Kota beach, Bantayan Island Cebu. That was the first part then. The second part is at Kawasan Falls with CDO's branch manager Mr. Neil Ceniza. Here's a glimpse of it.

Of course, we wanted it to be fabulous as always. We went to Boracay Island last 2006. We enjoyed everything in there. .. the people, bikini babes (including Mapfre Angels), hot hot men (not to mention Mapfre guys) and almost everything... THE ENTIRE PLACE. Our length of travel is even longer compared to our stay there but we make most out of the place. But I could not forget the accident of Juliet... ( no wonder, she's always been the princesa nang sablay) Here's another picture...

Last time was with team up with Mapfre Cagayan de Oro branch at Camiguin Island...Aside from getting to know them better, we had some beer drinking session, sharing of experiences related to daily routine. We laugh and we laugh and we laugh... Ooppps, another tragedy again! This princesa nang Sablay Juliet was not able to join us- vehicular incident that prompt her to be at the hospital for 3 days... Poor Juliet! Panu na lang ang outfit??? But she was able to join us this year's summer escapade... And by the way, if there's one thing I can't forget during this outing is the.... PEANUT BUTTER! Hehehhehe

This year was at Camotes Island. A 4 hours travel from Cebu City. I'm actually speechless, but I can share to you our pictures of our stay there... May these pictures translate them into words...

Friday, April 4, 2008


In my entier life, If ever I intend to get married, I want it to be PERFECT. I want to be the most beautiful bride in the whole world. Walk on the aisle full of flowers with a gown made by Monique Lhullier. But it changed my view when I was able to witness the wedding ceremony of my friend Leo in Tacloban. I was there in Tacloban City last March 29 to be part of the most important events in the life of Leo & Christine. It was the first wedding I've attended this year. Tiring as it is but I'm proud because I was there. Presence is even more important than anything else. I've learned a lot... that even you make a long list on how your wedding will be, it will never be perfect as you dream of. It might be okay but it will never be the way you wished for. Hope there are trial & error on that biggest event in our lives. Of course, I never wished to be the run-away-bride but it's safe to say... I want my wedding to be SIMPLE yet Beautifull & Memorable.

I'm 25 years old... sometimes I wished I have kids from my blood sometimes it even comes out my mind of becoming a Nun.. Whatever it is, I just want to be happy. That every seconds of my stay here on earth is worth remembering. That each day of my life is fulfilling.

Of course, I still want to enjoy my life as single but who knows maybe this year... Hehehehehe.

Maybe I'll be in Davao City this May for another grand celebration of a friend of mine...

I'm excited and I'm looking forward to that event...

Here's a pix of Leo & Christine.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

One of the Greatest Performance of my Life!!!

I did it again...Mapfre Insular holds its 2008 Sales Kick-off @ Cafe Laguna last January 31. Its again one of the greatest performance of my life as I hosted the said event and I'm in tandem with Davao Mgr. Jed Lopez. I just could not believe it as I was full of energy asking my fellow Cebu Falcons to shout & yell... Ahroo! Ahroo! Ahroo! Actually I have the fear that maybe I'll be left behind as Sir Jed has been very excellent on stage ever since. But it's just so surprising that I was very comfortable talking to him and to everyone. As if hindi galing sa operasyon... But the next day, my neck just hurt and decided to take half day leave.

Per comments, it was the BEST Kick-off ever attended by our agents. It just feels good receiving good compliments from them. More importantly, I feel happy as all my bosing from Head office from EC3, ALR, MND,GKT, BAP, our director Sir Butch & my partner Piolo este Sir Jed congratulate me for a job well down. (Nakakataba nang Puso!!!)

Above all, I congratulate Cebu Falcons for being 2007 All Star Branch of the Year! The effort has been paid. The struggle has been recognized. Another challenge for 2008!!!

Ahroo! Ahroo! & More Power to Cebu Branch...

More Power to Mapfre Insular...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

HELLO 2008!

I missed writing in here. Actually, there have been a lot of things that transpired even from the start of the year. I enjoyed my New Year's Eve with my family. Of course, my year starts with a prayer with the whole family. I just thanked God that my 2007 was great and I'm expecting my year of the RAT will even be greater. I just hope this is my year.

Second, I was operated. Yes! I had my thyroid gland checked up & decided to have it operated. They call it "Adams Apple". So I'm now a full pledge lady. Of course, it feels good. I'm now on the stage of recovery. I'm back to work after five days of confinement in the hospital and one week of rest at home. It feels good & I'm now confident. But my problem is this will leave a scar in my neck, though my dokie said it will just get even with my neck line. Siguro, laser from Dra. Vicky Belo will do in the next few months... hehehehehe!

Third, I'm now starting to pack my things from claims as I enter another opportunity (transferred to Sales Dept.) I don't know if others call it opportunity but for me it is. It's a CHANCE for me to prove what else I can make this year. I wanna try how it feels talking in front to my people (though have tried it when I hosted 2006 Mapfre La Visita) This time another break... I don't want to leave my claims department. All for one, One for all kasi kami. But I have to do this as a step to know what I really wanted to do in the next few years. I'm looking up at one of the top executives in the country someday. Who knows!!! But I just cross my fingers that God will grant the desire of my hearts. He already knows it and have initially granted some.

Till next update...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm back... I miss writing down in here. Very busy indeed. But the same old me. No more, no less!!! hehehehe. Something new? nothing really, perhaps planning to have a new hair, or having a make-over. Can afford!!! I just want to treat myself. That's all...

I thank you....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love you, YGHATS!!!

I had a time to glance our pictures of last night’s event. It was our farewell party since Ate Hazel is now moving to U.S for work and I guess for good. I just hope not! That was the first time of going out again with my old friends or shall I say my friends forever, the Yghats!!!

They are still the same. They laugh & shout as long as they want. I’m missed those things. I miss them very much. The smile of Mikay with Kuya Rommel. The boisterous voice of Tintin with her puppy at the side, Kid! Si Dokie, Carma and pepper. I also miss Nadina our ever pretty soup. (She was not present last night) The two Sheilas (wala-wala) were not there also. They really miss the fun! Si Grasya and EM ambot asa gibutang… Of course who would not remember Mama Do’.

We may move on with our own lives or shall I say I may not know what’s new in them but the fact of being friends will surely remain. I have my sets of friends. Some were plastika but no one can rate the Yghats. They are really the best… We maybe noisy, noisy and noisy but we share even the non-sense things on earth. I’m happy having them around.

“Rich & Famous”, they call me rich and famous… hehehhehehehehehhe. I’m happy seeing them again. How I wish I could spend more time with them. Soon… In God’s time, in God’s perfect time.

Love you, Yghats!!!